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bébé-jou Thermo Bath Set De Luxe Click


Get a complete bath- and care set with the bébé-jou Thermo Bath Set De Luxe Click.

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Get a complete bath- and care set with the bébé-jou Thermo Bath Set De Luxe Click. In this set you’ll find:

  • bébé-jou Thermo Bath CLICK
  • bébé-jou Nappy Pail
  • bébé-jou Changing Pad
  • bébé-jou Easy Wipe Box
  • bébé-jou Manicure Set
  • bébé-jou Brush & Comb

Thermo Bath CLICK

bébé-jou’s Thermobad Click is made of strong durable plastic and stands firmly on the surface because of the nonslip feet. Its build-in thermometer gives insight on the water temperature. Furthermore, the soap dispenser on the thermo bath is making sure you don’t have to leave your baby’s side while bathing. The easy new bathing system with safe CLICK provides an even more stable way to secure your bébé-jou Thermo Bath. You can use CLICK in combination with the bébé-jou Bath Stand Click.

Nappy Pail

A convenient nappy pail but also great for filling & emptying the baby bath: meet the bébé-jou Nappy Pail. Use it in the nursery, bathroom or any other room where you change your little one and dispose of dirty diapers. Thanks to the lid nasty odours will stay captured inside it.

Changing Pad

Comfortable, excellent head and neck support and really cute; that’s the bébé-jou Changing Pad. The changing pad (72 x 44 cm.) has special pressure-reducing qualities and offers great head and neck support for your child. It’s shaped to keep your baby safely in the middle.

Easy Wipe Box

Keep your wet wipes in the cute bébé-jou Easy Wipe Box. This convenient box prevents the wet-wipes from drying up and is very easy to use. Grab one wet-wipe from the box and the next one will automatically appear. It’s easily opened and closed with just one finger.

Manicure Set and Brush & Comb

The bébé-jou Manicure Set contains a steel scissor, file and nail clipper. The set is specially shaped for the use on little finger and toe nails. The scissor has rounded edges for extra safety. Well-groomed and looking sharp thanks to the bébé-jou Brush & Comb. The ergonomic comb has rounded-off tips to protect your little one’s scalp. The brush has all natural hairs. Specially made for our youngest and safe to use.


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