Safety 1st. Auto-Close Stairgate White

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The Auto-Close stairgate is easy and quick to install. Just clip it on four points between walls or doorposts, there are no screws are needed.

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A stairgate can absolutely not be missed in a house with curious and enterprising children. Before you know it your baby will crawl around towards the stairs and other unsafe places. The Safety 1st. Auto-Close Stairgate will block any desired passage in a secure way.

Easy installation

The Auto-Close stairgate is easy and quick to install. Just clip it on four points between walls or doorposts, there are no screws needed. The gate has an extra wide opening and is adjustable from 73 cm. to 80 cm. With the possibility of adding extensions. These are available in the sizes 7, 14 and 28 cm. which extend up to 136 cm. The extensions for the Safety 1st. Stairgate Extensions are also available at Baby Plus.

Maximum Safety

Adults can open and close the Safety 1st. Auto-Close Stairgate with only one hand. Thanks to the ‘Auto-Close’ function the stairgate closes automatically and has an option for double locking. The gate is equipped with the latest Secure Tech system. Thanks to this system, you can not close the gate in a wrong way. You can see that the gate is safely closed by looking at the Secure Tech indicator.

Do I need an extension?

Measure the opening where the gate is to be fitted to ensure that the opening is between 73 cm. – 136 cm. Refer to the table below to identify if an extension is required.

Min. width Max. width Extension required
73 cm. 80 cm. None
80 cm. 87 cm. 7 cm.
87 cm. 94 cm. 14 cm.
94 cm. 101 cm. 7 cm. + 14 cm.
101 cm. 108 cm. 28 cm.
108 cm. 115 cm. 7 cm. + 28 cm.
115 cm. 122 cm. 14 cm. + 28 cm.
122 cm. 129 cm.  7 cm. + 14 cm. + 28 cm.
129 cm. 136 cm. 28 cm. (2 pieces)


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