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BABY PLUS | Has proudly been the baby store supporting (expectant) parents in the special journey of parenthood since 1975. At Baby Plus you shop your complete baby registry. We supply everything you could possibly want for your growing children. From complete baby rooms to trendy accessories. From high-quality strollers to sustainable toys. And from trendy baby and children’s clothes to stylish nursery decoration.

Shop in our beautiful store in the heart of Haarlem or on our successful webshop, for customers throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Did you know that Baby Plus is so popular in Scandinavia that we have set up Baby Plus Nordics especially for those countries? Enjoy a wide range of top brands. Baby Plus is a premium reseller of brands such as Stokke, Maxi-Cosi, Joolz, Cybex and Bugaboo. Shop all brands online and find a selection in our shop.

At Baby Plus, we believe in creating a meaningful and inspiring shopping experience. We strive not only to offer products of the highest quality, but also to be a source of information and inspiration for all parents. Discover the latest trends, read useful tips and be inspired by the love and care with which we have put together our collections.

Also, you can always come to us for questions and advice. With decades of experience in maternity, baby and children’s products, we have plenty of expertise to help you with the challenges of expectant and young parenthood.


Baby Plus is a well-known and very appreciated concept in North-Holland, the Netherlands. With a beautiful store in the historical center of Haarlem and a very successful online shop for our customers in all parts of The Netherlands. But Baby Plus knows no boundaries. In Scandinavia Baby Plus became such a popular concept, that we’ve decided to introduce Baby Plus Nordics, especially for our loyal Scandinavian fans

We offer you everything you can wish for with kids growing up. From complete furniture sets to trendy accessories. From high quality strollers to sustainable toys. And from fashionable baby- and children’s clothes to stylish maternity wear. You can count on us to give you honest and expert advice. After nearly thirty years of experience with baby -, kids – and maternity products we are confident that we can help you with the challenges that parenthood brings you. Not bad for a family business that started out as a bike shop, right?

Baby Plus history
Because we are very proud of our heritage and what we have accomplished in the past two decades, we want to offer you a peek in our family story. This is how it all started…

1975 – the family business’ bike shop
The Dutch couple Van Vliet owns a successful bike shop. A supplier contacts them if they’re by any chance interested in selling simple buggy’s. They agree and soon the buggies are flying off the shelf. Mr. and Mrs. Van Vliet decide to add more models. Their supplier Koelstra recommends to sell the full product range. A part of the shop is transformed into a small buggy and stroller shop called Buggy and Stroller Shop Van Vliet.

After a short sickbed the hands of Mrs. Van Vliet are itching to take on a new project. By popular demand she decides to add more baby products to the shop. The assortment now contains car seats from Maximilian (now known as Maxi-Cosi), furniture by Vroomshop and bath products by bébé-jou.

1991 – move to the ‘Grote Kerk’
After years of successful business, things have gotten to the point that the shop needs to run independently. The baby products are taking over the whole shop and Mr. Van Vliet has trouble running his bike shop this way.

Luckily there’s a space available on the first floor of the monumental church in Hoorn. Maybe not the obvious place for a baby shop, especially since there’s no elevator in the building. But Mrs. Van Vliet takes her chances and opens a beautiful new shop on July 17, 1991, together with her daughter Petra and her husband. From now on the baby shop will continue under the name Baby Plus and is the biggest baby products retailer in the upper half of the Netherlands.

1992 – first sale on Sunday in Hoorn
During the holiday season the city council of Hoorn decides to let the shops in the city centre open their doors on Sunday for customers. Baby Plus doesn’t want to waste this perfect opportunity. It was the first of many successful Sundays to come.

1995 – Mrs. Van Vliet retires
After lots of years of hard work and dedication it’s time for Mrs. Van Vliet to retire. Her daughter Petra and her husband are now at the helm of the family company.

2001 – launch webshop and new logo
Baby Plus keeps moving forward. That’s why in 2001 a brand new webshop is launched and the shop logo gets a fresh new design! The shop gets a makeover as well and beautiful cherry wood furniture is installed (very trendy back in the days).

2007 – third generation in the family company
Grandson Tim enters the family business. First as a hired help in the weekends, but while studying business administration Tim often finds his way to the shop to help out where needed. He also makes an effort to put up sales via internet, so people in other parts of the country (and even across the border) can profit from the expertise and wide range of products from Baby Plus.

2013 – new website
Internet sales are going through the roof. A new website is needed to keep up with the popular demand, especially from Scandinavian countries. The new website has improved features and better shipping service. The website is now also available in English.

2014 – move to Kleine Noord 47-49
More and more people know where to find Baby Plus. But the desire to move keeps growing and growing. A shop space at the Kleine Noord becomes available. The owners of Baby Plus immediately see the potential. Lots of parking space for visitors, more room for storage and the shop windows are just a few of the many advantages. But people who have visited the new shop can see and feel the lovely atmosphere this building has to offer. The historical features are the true assets. And with the move to this new shop, Baby Plus has come full circle. The new building is right across…the old bike shop of Grandma and Granddad Van Vliet!

2016 – renewed website
A couple of years later grandson Tim takes over the lead of the family company. The company is now in the hands of the third generation! With the same passion and drive as his grandparents, Tim is committed to make Baby Plus the best shop for new parents. Every day Baby Plus exceeds in the same old Dutch hospitality, personal service and excellent communication. But also continuing to seek improvement and innovation with a renewed website.

2018 – store in Haarlem
After more than 40 years of successfully running the business from Hoorn Baby Plus opens shop in Haarlem. At the Kleine Houtstraat 14 the baby store settles yet again in an amazing building with historical features. Just like in Hoorn this new store is located on one of the oldest shopping districts of the city. The laid-back atmosphere and historical value matches perfectly with Baby Plus. Helping and winning over the hearts of fathers, mothers and their children continues in the beautiful city of Haarlem.

2019 – brand new website

To keep up with current and future developments Baby Plus is once more renewing its website. More applications, more automation and with a subtle restyle. By releasing the newest website Baby Plus hopes to offer even more shopping convenience for the online parents now and later on. This website is living proof of that.

2020 – store in Hoorn closes

Baby Plus has a new strategy to keep grip on its growing success. Baby Plus will focus on online shopping and compact city stores in big cities. Therefore the Baby Plus store in Hoorn will close its doors on 30 August 2020. It’s an emotional goodbye but Baby Plus has its eye on the future. Sometimes to move forward you have to finish a chapter from your past.

Welcome to Baby Plus!