Do I have warranty?

Baby Plus offers an extensive range of baby-, children’s and maternity products consisting of a variety of brands. Despite our care and effort to establish a quality assortment it’s possible that a product shows a defect. Rest assured, all our products have a warranty. Usually this is the factory warranty as offered by the product’s manufacturer. But also beyond the factory’s warranty we’ll always look for a suitable solution for our customers within the reasonable limits of a product’s lifespan.

Can I register my article for (extra) warranty?

It’s sometimes possible to register large items such as strollers for extra warranty. Baby Plus recommends you to always do this! Register the item on the brand’s website (e.g. Joolz or Bugaboo). The guarantee conditions differ per brand.

The delivered article broke, can I have it repaired?

After the 30-day return period, a defective item will be treated under warranty. Please fill out the contact form with a clear description of your product’s defect(s). If possible attach a photo or video which clearly shows the defect. This will help speed up the process of the repair or exchange of your product. When the defect is considered to be covered by the warranty Baby Plus will process your claim together with the manufacturer. The defective item will then be repaired or exchanged according to the warranty conditions.

Is reparation free of charge?

Yes, provided it is within the warranty period and the item has been used in the way it was intended.

How can I submit an article for reparation?

Follow the steps below to send an item for reparation:

  • Step 1 – Contact customer service. Have the order number and/or invoice at hand.
  • Step 2 – You will receive information from customer service on the specific repair process for the article.
  • Step 3 – Return the item in a firm box to Baby Plus or the supplier. Customer service will inform you where to send the article to.
  • Step 4 – Customer service will inform you of the status of your repair.

Is it a reparation request for furniture? Depending on the size of the furniture, Baby Plus will collect it or you will be asked to send it to a carrier point yourself. The customer service will inform you about this.

What’s the status of my repair request?

Baby Plus will inform you of the status of your repair request. We aim to process your request as quickly as possible. If this takes longer than 14 days, Baby Plus will inform you.

Do I have warranty on repaired articles?

Yes, you also have a warranty on repaired articles. The warranty period on repaired articles depends on the article. Please contact customer service for the exact warranty period.