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DiaperChamp PottyChamp Potty


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Use the multi-functional DiaperChamp PottyChamp Potty for little champions with potty training. Use the potty in three different ways. This means your little one will enjoy it for years! It helps your child during the training. Use the DiaperChamp PottyChamp as potty, toilet seat and as step stool.


Once your little one starts training to go to the toilet by itself, use the PottyChamp as potty. The inner bowl is removable and easy to clean. If you’re further along in the training, use the top as toilet seat. The seat is universal and fits all common toilet seats. If the toilet seat is still a bit too high, transform the PottyChamp in the third version: a stepping stool. The stepping stool is slip resistant and remains therefore safe to use. The DiaperChamp PottyChamp is the perfect buddy for potty training.


  • potty, toilet seat and stepping stool
  • convenient
  • slip resistant
  • removable inner bowl which is easy to clean
  • toilet seat is universal and fits common toilet seats
  • nice design