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SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper


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With the SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper, feeding becomes easy and you always sleep close to your child. Use the cradle from birth until your child is 6 months old. The cradle comes with a breathable and comfortable mattress. The cradle is easily attached to most beds with the loops. Tighten the loops and the cradle stands firm and safe next to the bed. Detach one of the sides to have easy access to your child to, for example, give a pacifier. The SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper has a wooden frame that gives the cradle a stylish look.

A comfortable night’s sleep

Besides a comfortable and breathable mattress, the SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper helps regulate your child’s temperature. The cradle has unique ventilation openings, breathable mesh lining and bottom ventilation. These features increase the breathing capacity of the cradle. Moreover, the cradle has a reflux tilt. If your child suffers from reflux, you can attach the elevation to one side of the cradle.  This allows your child to lie more upright and relieves the symptoms.


If your child has trouble falling asleep, use the swing position to rock your child back and forth. It’s also possible to take the lightweight cradle off the stand and use it in and around the house.


  • suitable from birth to 6 months old and up to 9 kg.
  • dimensions: 100x49x95 cm.
  • weight: 11,5 kg.
  • suitable for bedside use where the top surface of the adult mattress is level with the top of the zip down wall
  • suitable up to a maximum height of 73 cm. from the floor
  • including breathable mattress
  • including straps to attach the cradle
  • suitable for most beds
  • lightweight cradle is detachable from the wooden frame
  • reflux tilt relieves symptoms
  • don’t use once your child can sit, kneel and pull itself up
  • machine washable mesh lining and mattress cover