The difference between Stokke® high chairs

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The iconic Tripp Trapp® is a familiar sight in many people’s homes – a timeless favourite among parents, grandparents and families worldwide. In this blog, we go beyond the Tripp Trapp® and explore Stokke®’s other high chairs. More importantly, we explore the differences between these chairs and what makes them unique. If you’re curious about what other high chairs the brand has to offer and which chair best suits your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Stokke® Tripp Trapp®

The well-known Stokke® Tripp Trapp® is an iconic high chair that is on many families’ baby registry. The high chair has an intelligent, ergonomic design. This allows your child to move freely while being thoroughly safe and secure. Best of all, the Stokke® Tripp Trapp® grows with your child. For example, the seat and footrest are adjustable. You can also buy matching accessories to make the chair suitable for use at multiple ages. Even from birth. The chair is suitable from day one (with matching accessories) to a lifetime. It has a classic, timeless design made of European wood. With matching accessories, use the high chair at different ages:

Stokke® Nomi® high chair

Looking for a high chair which evolves with your child? Then you Stokke® Nomi® might be the one for you. The Stokke® Nomi® High Chair is tailor-made for your child, from 2 years till the teenage years. With additional sets you can even use the high chair from birth. The vertical chair base of the Stokke® Nomi® High Chair provides strength, durability and flexibility. The unique shape of the Stokke® Nomi® chair base ensures that the sitting height and depth are always perfectly matched. When you adjust the height of the seat and the footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the base.

The chair is suitable from day one (with matching accessories) to a lifetime. It inspires active sitting thanks to its shape. With matching accessories you can use the high chair at different ages:

Stokke® Steps™

The Stokke® Steps™ Chair is a versatile chair that evolves with your child. A comfortable and functional chair from day one! With the use of the right accessoires the Stokke® Steps™ Chair can be used for newborns, toddlers and even teens. The modular concept suits every child, step by step.
The Stokke® Steps™ Chair is easily adjustable to the size of your child. The footrest as well as the back support are adjustable. In combination with the round seat and back support your child will have a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

The chair is suitable from birth (with matching accessories) to the teenage years. User-friendly seating solution with a stylish and minimalist look. With matching sets, use the chair at different ages:

Stokke® Clikk™

High-quality & functional: the Stokke® Clikk™ High Chair is developed to address all your needs. The all-in-one high chair is easy to assemble and easy to use and clean. Your baby can enjoy the comfort and support of the Clikk™ from 6 months up to about 3 years – and beyond! It takes just one minute to assemble the Stokke® Clikk™ High Chair, without a single tool! Moreover, this box includes everything you need to eat, play and clean – effortlessly. Without any extra purchases or tricky adjustments. The sleek, contemporary design, without any nooks or crannies means no more scrubbing and digging out secret leftovers your baby’s left behind. After use you can wash the tray in the washing machine. The chair is suitable from 6 months to 3 years old. Sturdy frame and stylish look.

The differences between Stokke® high chairs

Think about what features are important to you when buying a high chair to get the perfect seating solution in your home. See at a glance the differences between the Stokke® high chairs:

Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Stokke® Nomi® Stokke® Steps™ Stokke® Clikk™
Suitable from birth (with accessories) + + +
Adjustable seat + +
Adjustable footrest + + + +
Adjustable backrest +
Adjust without tools +
Included accessoires None None None Tray and safety harness
Newborn set/Bouncer installed without tools + + + n/a
Babyset installed without tools + + + n/a
Weight chair 6,5 kg 4,7 kg. 5,13 kg. 3,62 kg
Carrying weight 136 kg. 150 kg. 84 kg. 15 kg.
Dimensions 49x79x46 cm. 52×83,5×59 cm. 43x71x61 cm. 66x83x56 cm.