Tips for buying a car seat

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Road trips ahead with your little one? Whether it’s a big or small trip, when travelling together by car you want your child to be in a safe and comfortable seat. A car seat that adjusts to your child’s growth and suits your needs and wishes. But what should you pay attention to when buying a car seat? Read further to discover important features that are useful to think about when buying one.

  1. Age and height. Choose a car seat that’s is suitable for your child’s age and height. There are options for babies, toddlers and children of different ages, some even designed for use from birth to around 7 years. Make sure you select the right one to ensure optimal protection. Consider up to which age you want to use a car seat and adjust your choice accordingly. Baby seats are suitable for children up to 83 cm. (group 0+), toddler seats are suitable for children between den 60 and 105 cm. (group 1) and child seats are suitable for children between 105 and 135 cm. (group 2/3).
  2. What are important features for you. Do you want a seat that can be used with one hand, a version with a full reclining position, a swivel base or one that grows with your child? Think carefully beforehand about the functions you find important and what the car seat needs to meet. It will then be much easier to make a choice.
  3. Will the seat fit on my stroller frame? If you’re using the car seat as part of a travel system, check whether the seat will fit on the stroller frame and whether you need any additional adapters. This way, you can easily remove it from the car and attach it to the stroller. Ideal if your child falls asleep on the way.
  4. With or without base? If you only use it in the car, you can choose to buy seat with base. Install the base in the car and simply click the seat onto it. This makes it easier to leave the car without having to reinstall the seat every time.
  5. Safety. Check that the seat meets the applicable safety standards (i-Size/R129). Check other parents’ reviews to understand the car seat’s performance in real life. Pay specific attention to features such as side protection and a five-point harness for maximum safety.
  6. Installation. Choose one that’s easy to install and fits the dimensions of your car. Follow the installation instructions carefully, whether securing with the seat belt or using the ISOFIX system.
  7. Comfort. Besides safety, comfort is essential for your child during car journeys. Look for a car seat with soft padding, enough space and adjustable straps to keep growing children comfortable, especially on long trips. Some car seats even offer a sleep mode for added convenience.
  8. Price. They can be a significant investment, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget. Compare prices and consider older colours or models, which are often slightly cheaper but offer the same safety and comfort features.

A car seat a crucial piece of equipment for young families. By considering your child’s age and height, safety, ease of installation, comfort and price, you can choose one that is not only safe, but also comfortable and practical for both you and your child. With the right car seat, you hit the road with peace of mind and enjoy great rides with your family.